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Invader Zim is a cartoon that originally aired in 2001. Obviously. The main character is Zim, an misguided alien hellbent on destroying earth in hopes of impressing his leaders. ( or rather, he thinks he IS impressing his leaders. )

The show is known for its highly specific and original artstyle as well as it's brand of dark yet stupid comedy. ( don't get this confused with "being bigoted", i know how it is). it also has blatant social commentary.


the show is about Zim and whatever happens to him on his ill-fated "mission" to conquer Earth. frequent appearances are made by Dib, a paranoid human 'paranormal investigator' who makes it his mission to stop Zim and reveal him as the alien he is, and GIR, Zim's defective robot servant. the world is dystopian and and exxagerated, where EVERYONE is painfully idiotic and gross. each episode is a self-contained 'story' and doesn't link into any other episodes beyond the basic 'invader' plot, and not every episode has Zim or Dib in it. the reset button is used whenever something particularly drastic happens. I warn you: don't expect something deep or serious, it's 11 minutes of straight nonsense. the fanart and fanfiction will lie to you on how serious this show is ( it's not AT ALL.) it's not bad bc of this obviously BUTTT just don't EXPECT it. this is incomprehensible and rambly, have i convinced you yet?

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The show origanlly had one full season and a partial second one before it was cancelled, along with some unfinished episodes that we have evidence of. Most episodes include Zim and whatever HORRIBLE thing either decides to do or simply just occurs to him, though there are a couple exceptions where he is not present.

Aside from the show, there is:

The Comics Series [2015-2020]: In 2015, Invader Zim returned as a comic book series. Each comic functions as one 'episode'. These issues were prone to CONSTANT DELAYS.

Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus [2019]: A netflix movie based on the show. ZiM returns after two years of hiding to cause MAYHEM.. and Dib has to stop him. It has a completely different artstyle from the comics or show, and several characters were redesigned.

Invader Zim Quarterly [2020]: Presumably after the original comics took so long to make and publish, this version replaced it with longer issues and also longer wait times, but is otherwise functionally the same style of content.

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