as u scroll down you may find images with drawn cartoony blood/gore or images with flashing colors. i dont know how to censor these and make them still visisble so be careful!!!!

Max! [4/13/2021]

gir and that VORTIAN again!!!!!! [4/12/2021]

Tak and a random vortian... i need a name for her!!!! [4/11/2021]

self portrait [4/9/2021]

Feel bad [4/8/2021]

its starting to warm up outside, ive been drawing less [4/8/2021]


i've been wanting to draw again, but nothing looks quite how i want it to and it makes me mad and it's just not fun to draw anymore. i don't want to be remembered by shitty artwork i guess


i've been tired, but heres Tak running REAL FAST!!!





redraw of something i drew a couple months ago this post is really hard!!! ive struggled with it both times [3/31/2021]

a sad Mik and an unnamed Irken.. she's a different strain than the Irkens we see more often [3/31/2021]

i ran out of time while drawing this its clearly rushed but YAY 20 YEARS [3/30/2021]

i dunnoo... im having a hard time drawing again... [3/28/2021]

my design for Tallest Miyuki. i recently found out her being blue-themed goes back to 2002. so like, yeah...[3/28/2021]

Dib Bee[3/27/2021]







YES im normal. come closer ( three versions because im indecisive)[3/21/2021]


i love and hate the brushed i used here[3/20/2021]

Yix belongs to geneticoyote [3/19/2021]


i was going to say i wasn't happy with this, but have i been happy with any of my art, ever? [3/12/2021]



sorry about the lack of updates... [3/8/2021]

havent animated in a while, but saw a meme wuz going around of one of my fav songs [3/4/2021]

new "ref" sheet for my fursona. usually id make them a bit more in-depth but her pattern is pretty simple [3/3/2021]

my new OC, Niv. ill write a bio for her soon [2/28/2021]


new mik reference!!!! [2/25/2021]

images aren't connected, but here's more post-jailbreak stuff for tak and tenn [2/24/2021]

apologiez for the lack of updates, it's been too cold to use my room and by extension, my PC [2/22/2021]

SHTUFF [2/18/2021]

animation test [2/17/2021]

stuff [2/16/2021]

not real happy w this [2/16/2021]

i originally had something stupid angsty here BUT I FIXED IT!!! [2/14/2021]

valentines day approaches... doesnt mean anything 2 me but i get to draw pink stuff ( this is vaguely based on a pic i did a year ago DAT I CANNOT FIND ) [2/12/2021]

randomz [2/11/2021]

some random tak and tenn scratches + a new meet the artist [2/10/2021]

MIMI HOODIE!!! i dont really liek this image and ill draw mimi hoodie tak later properly...i swear ill do art that has a story soon... [2/10/2021]

testing this style again. this is sorta how i want my IZ comic 2 look [2/8/2021]

it all starts in Space Prison... [2/8/2021]

im plotting a new comic, and also testing the artstyle for it [2/7/2021]

SPAK [2/6/2021]

iz stuff soon [2/6/2021]

the word of the day is: escapism [2/5/2021]

havent been proud of my art of late... [2/3/2021]

BACK ON MY SHIT [1/31/2021]

blaugh [1/29/2021]

I GOT MY TABLET FINALLYYY!!! its super good sooo far ill write a review in a little while or so after ive gotten used 2 it.. heres some stuff [1/28/2021]

stuff [1/27/2021]

Mik! She lieks 2 run around in just a wig without contacts ( or hiding her antennae, for that matter. nobody cares ) [1/25/2021]


exams are killing me. i was writing a fanfic about Tak and Tenn ( sorry for taking down the page, it just had some real shitty stuff on it ) but who knows if ill ever finish it [1/23/2021]

silly zim does a dance. i think i drew him a bit cute here (but don't tell anyone i said that!!! >_>)[1/22/2021]

mimis [1/20/2021]

cant draw with this tablet [1/20/2021]

i REFUSE to stop making videos. i drew dis with ms paint and a mouse [1/18/2021]

this isn't a new image ( see the 2020 watermark? yeah) but i wanted it back online again. sorry about the gore [1/16/2021]

he's... STANDING there [1/14/2021]

my phone camera isnt gr8 but i dont haev access 2 a scanner sooo [1/13/2021]

more of this guy. they never take the mask off.

a fresh new page to ruin ( and hopefully i won't overload it with images this time! not looking forward to the mess of code i'm about to make this page into, however. ) i havent done traditional art seriously in a while and i'll be doing it until my new tablet gets here

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