the door creaks open slowly, revealing a dimly lit room. Clutter lines every shelf or desk. Said clutter appears to be electronic parts; papers, and random trinkets. The smell of...artificial fruit flavoring? hangs in the air, sickening, cloying. It stings your nose and makes you want to sneeze.

Dib's wonderful page of DOOM!!!

who am I? better question: who are YOU? no, really. anyway. i am a Irken of many names, but my main is Dib. Call me Dib.
here's a basic rundown on ME

name: Doctor Dibromide Maxwell Endling Angel Toxoplascity Swatch PNG Membrane.. and so on
nickname: Dib
age: 17
species: Irken
birthday: august 15th
pronouns: she or he
occupation: freeloader & unpaid artist
music: MCR, NIN, Rabbit Junk, this video:, lemon demon(sorry)
games: Pokemon, Deltarune/Undertale, Sonic Adventure 2
fav color: black or neon green, or purple
fav animal: cats or bugs OR BIRDS or....
likes: Invader Zim, JTHM, Petz, anything bloody, skelanimals, furbies, cats, birds, wasps, ants, mantises, anthros, deltarune
dislikes: the New Web, annoying people, social media, people who hate wasps

i like to think of myself of an artist and animator, writer and lover of the unusual. i like to make fursuits, collect things, and let the world pass me by as i watch ants on the sidewalk. i collect MLP, invader zim merch (when i can FIND IT,) MCR stuff and skelanimals. i draw cartoons, i think... i'm not really anyone of interest and you can never know me as i am, but i hope this site lets you peek into my festering mind for a bit and come to maybe a bit of an understanding

some fun facts about me:

-once when i was 4 my brother stabbed me with a pencil 5 times. i still have the graphite in my skin

-i have a fascination with old computers and tech despite obviously not being alive to experience it

-im a horrible person for many reasons but i won't tell you what reasons they are

-my favorite food is crab meat if i see a crab know

want to contact me? you can find me on tumblr @sadlittledib OR you can message me on Discord: Dib#6003 .... the internet is a vast landscape but i am never as far as i seem

toxoplasicity @ 2020-2022. i am GENIOUS. Invader Zim belongs to Jhonen, NOT ME!!!