since i often used this as a way to provide small updates on my life, and i've implemented a much better system over on my main page, the usage of this page has since depreciated to being primarily about major site changes, like layout overhauls or new sections.


i don't really state everything i'm doing to the site like i used to, i just sort of do stuff in secrecy and expect you to find it...i've been working on many new pages, including ones dedicated to certain characters, and a deltarune offshoot 'side-site' connected to this one, and a while ago i put up an articles page i plan to expand on. i've also been quietly organizing page/image paths and the like


v3 is done, v4 underway..


as you may notice, ive started changing some thing around here, including slowly implementing v3! im also changing some pagenames to less clunky, so TOXOPLASICITY is basically going through an ugly growing phase, but we'll come out the other side a much cleaner site. basically not all the pages will be on the same layout and certains links may only work from the homepage, but this is temporary, just make good use of the 'back' button. plus, it's been over a year since i implemented v2!


not an update either but i've got 60,000 views!!! glad to see you're all enjoying (or hatereading) my public insanity


not a proper update.... BUT IM OUT OF HIGHSCHOOL! FOREVAHHHHHH!!!!! FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!


changed the layout on my art page 2022 to be simpler and more gallery-style, and also sorted by year


new enter sign! i hadn't been happy with the previous pic in forever


dancing Zim gif has been removed NOOOO! .. by removed, i mean relocated. I added some Petz decoration instead, since most of the site was already so heavily Zim-themed


added a purple, more neutral logo for all the pages, i didnt end up sticking with the cat mascot... atleast not THAT version! happy month of Halloween


i got the cord back on the 21st, but since school started a while ago and ive been working on a SINGLE commission, not much to post, but itll be really good when i finally DO post it...


so it was the cord, but it's gonna be XPENSEEVE and another week before it gets here... atleast i dont have to buy a whole new tablet!!!!!!


so my drawing tablet broke as WELL AS MY COMPUTER so im just like totally fucked, updates will be slower than before even. i cant BEILIEVE IT ALSO DIED its practically brand new!!!! it'll be a couple weeks before i can get it fixed...i updated fron my phone isnt that KEWL????


i reached 30,000 views today! thanx everyone for looking at my personal trainwreck!!!!!!!!11 also apparently one year ago today i made this site and changed my life FOREVAH


so my SECOND computer, the one i started this site on, EXPLODED AND DIED FOR GOOD so it's back to updating from my stepdad's computer... SIGH. this happened in 2020 with my old computer, and the one i bought that year!!! it lasted me a YEAR. great.... now i need a new one... i really need to get a job


since SOME of the graphics on here are mine and some of them are not, i'm gonna be making a page just for my own graphics/gifs/whatever


i just edited SO MUCH CODE for NO reason. i am GIANT idoiot


changed the green to purple. no reason i just like purple! SHUT UP!!!1


finally added my Petz playscene page, and put my first playscene on it




switched all the art hosted directly on neocites to imgur, to free up space


added a proper background to all the pages and made the boxes have a solid background for readability


sorry for not alot of updates, i guess. don't feel too bad though, im not updating my tumblr page either, ive just not been feeling well...


finally added a guestbook. go sign it now or ELSE............... nothing i can't do anything


writing page is back in working order! titled 'fanfic' as that's all i write anyway. the two things i had up before WILL REMAIN DOWN and AREN'T coming back.


finally changed my "enter" button. im not TOOO happy with it soo.. lets see if i change it in 3 days >_>


updated my button! use it if u wanna.. i guess... i woulve added my own art but none of it was good enough. instead it's Tak time


update: yeah it shipped to the wrong address four hours away. so we have to get it shipped back somehow. fuckin' YAY..


Not really a site update but: i should be getting my tablet soon, which means... more art!! YAY.


this was a few days ago, but still: i've finished putting everything on the new format. i also added a fresh new art page so that it's not quite as laggy..yet.


the overhaul (of DOOM) BEGINS! i've currently only done my about page and my main page, but soon


i'm aware of how bad the art page loads cuz of all the images on it, but im waiting until i do the layout overhaul to make seperate pages


may be overhauling this site with a new layout in the next couple of months so it looks cleaner.
dont worry though, it's going to be a while before then


happy near year 2021!!!! on to another year of fuckery (and ZIM)


3 days untill new years.. dis year wuz shit >_> ill write my full thoughts in my diary


updated the reference art on Spak's page.. i need to rewrite her bio and story but IM WORKING ONN ITT


ive got almost 10,000 views on dis site for...some reason? okay...


apparently a large chunk of code random broke on mai art page so if anyone notices any errors... TELL ME


i got 2 new followerz on here!!! hai i guess. enjoy this website


added my fursona to my OCs page. i need 2 add tallest miyuki, ulna, and qubit also


wait fuck everything i got 6969 VIEWS dude. also i added dis cool scroll box so i can say wut i changed lol


mai computer broke...again...yay.... im on mai stepdad's laptop rn >_>


mai spak and miyuki picture was my 1,000th update!!! yaaayy!!
AND its almost been a month since i started dis site! O_O


Toxoplasicity @ 2020 - FORVEVER