The door creaks open slowly, revealing a dimly lit room. Paint is peeling from the walls, and there's no windows. Clutter lines every shelf or desk. It appears to consist of computer parts, papers with sketches on them, soda cans of many types both empty and half-full, and colorful trinkets. One has a computer on atop it, gently humming. The smell of...artificial fruit flavoring? hangs in the air, sickening, cloying. It stings your nose and makes you want to sneeze.

Dib's wonderful page of DOOM!!!

who am I? funny question, it depends on who you ask, but people online often know me as Dib.
here's some stuff about me:

name: Doctor Dibromide Maxwell Endling Angel Toxoplascity PNG Membrane.. and so on. nobody call me all of that
nickname: Dib, Dizzy or Max
age: 19
species: who knows?
pronouns: she or he
occupation: freeloader & unpaid artist, professional internet weirdo
music: MCR, NIN, Rabbit Junk, this video:, lemon demon(sorry), much more i cant recall off the top of my head
games: Pokemon, Deltarune/Undertale, Sonic, Splatoon
fav color: black, neon green, purple
fav animals: cats of all types, insects and spiders, birds, kangaroos
likes: Invader Zim, UNDERTALE/DELTARUNE, JTHM, Petz, MLP, skelanimals, furbies, furries, palaeontology, Swatch

i like to think of myself of an artist and animator, occasionally a writer, and patron saint of MS-PAINT and one-off side characters. i like to make fursuits, collect things, and let the world pass me by as i watch ants on the sidewalk. i collect MLP, invader zim and undertale/deltarune merch and plushies. i draw cartoons, i think... you can never know me as i am, but i hope this site lets you peek into my festering mind for a bit and pick something you like from the rotting mess.

i'm a self taught artist, i've been drawing since i was able to pick up a pencil and animating since i was 8, and i've probably been a furry since before i was born. visual art is just hardwired into my code, and even if i hate it for years on end it's probably something i'll never give up on. i think in visuals and words come much harder to me, but i do my best. look at all these words!!!

some fun facts about me:

-i have a fascination with old computers and tech, both romantic and not..

-im a horrible person for many reasons but i won't tell you what reasons they are

i have a cyst above my left eye its kinda gross

i have 3 cats (Pixel, Sylvia and Icarus) but i take care of 6

-this is like the 5th time i've tried making a personal site and the only time i've stuck with it for more than a month

want to contact me?
tumblr: sadlittledib or swatchlet
discord: dib6003


Toxoplasicity @ 2020 - FORVEVER