no title. originally written 5/27/2022

blade held to tender cut and cleaves bisects the cells so cleanly shear no dullness enough for the unwary casing bore and peeled away stretched ripped and torn.
discarded leaves the neural fascination glistening under harsh searing fluorescence clean sterilized beautifully beautifully releasing the odor of a thousand lives never lived and a thousand more that will.
sees not itself in the mirror only the host of an angel long lost to the frivolous seething writhing frail squealing & wondrous frayed neurons beaten bland and worn.
nails sunk into neurotic neurotissue rip rend mend into a new breed of malfunctioning malcontent ache bliss
smear the foul fluids clear and pungent into hairline porcelain fractures lovingly tracing indentations of someone who has long since gone somewhere far away