Name: Spak

Rank: Almighty Tallest

Age: young adult

Pronouns: She/her

Height: 9ft (taller than Red and Purple!)

Likes: Not working, Miyuki, sugar, soft blankets

Dislikes: The Empire, working, most irkens

Description: A tall, light green Irken with one pink eye, and one purple eye. One antennae is straight, like Zim, and the other is bent in three places and visibly mangled on the end. She wears a Tallest outfit similar to Red or Purple, but in reds and pinks. Instead of a skirt, she has a coat tail similar to Tak's, but with stripes. She wears boots like Zim, but they go nearly go up to her knees. She has fur tufts on her arms, and wears gauntlets that are grey with two pink stripes. She stands visibly more upright than the other Tallest.

About: Almighty Tallest Spak is a unsure, defective Tallest who rules by not really wanting to rule at all. she's super insecure in her position, and is often exhausted from her job (or rather, the prospect of having to do anything, she's still a Tallest after all). she's eager to please and wants to do the right thing, but HER idea of the right thing and her ADVISOR'S idea of the right thing tend to be VERY DIFFERENT. Spak was only elected as Tallest after the death of Tallest Miyuki ( and Spork...) because she was the tallest Irken alive at the time, despite being defective. (I have many seperate timelines for her, this is only one way the story goes...!)

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