(Disguise form)

(Robot form coming soon) ~Dibz

Names: Pix and Syl

Ages: N/A

Pronouns: She/her (for both)

Pix Likes: Mik, drinking dirty water, throwing everything off the counters, rolling in dirt, watermelon

Syl Likes: Mik, wandering around Urth, stealing

Pix Dislikes: Vaccuums, the Tallest

Syl Dislikes: Anyone tall, most other Irkens

About: Pix is a broken SIR unit that the Almight Tallest gave Mik on her mission to Urth. She is energetic and clumsy and isn't very good at information retrieval. Syl is a SIR unit that Mik built herself, which is why she has a proper disguise. Syl is spiteful and hates everyone who isn't Mik. She would kill for Mik if she asked.

Syl and Pix are based on my real life cats, Sylvia and Pixel.