Name: Palette

Age: Adult (how do Darkners age?)

Pronouns: She/her, They/Them

Height: n/a

Likes: wip

Dislikes: making a fool of herself

Description: A thinner, shorter Swatchling, with a mask-like beak, blue/purpleish tinted glasses. Her feathers are pointed back from her head, and she has a tuft of hair that goes over the mask's edge and between her eyes. She's wearing either a suit and tie the same color as her glasses with a collared shirt underneath, or a short-sleeved button up with a pink tie. Both are decorated with two squares on the left breast, similar to Swatch's three, with the lower one being white, and a light pink one diagonal and overlapping one corner.

About:just a silly funny guy a real goofster wet cardboard animated funny cartoon animal type beast(WIP)

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