Name: Max

Age: 18

Pronouns: She/her, He/him

Height: 5'2

Likes: Her friends, old computers, bugs and birds, soda, BLOOD!

Dislikes: people who hate wasps for no reason, a lot of things...

Description: A black cat, who can be plantigrade, digitigrade, or shaped like a normal cat! She has pink, blue, green, light yellow and then pink again, in that order, on the base of her ears. the tip of her ears are black, like the rest of her fur. her tail is the same, except the pink and stuff is on the tip of the tail. she has blue eyes and bright neon green pawpads. she wears alot of different clothes but is always wearing a black spiked collar. she is usually wearing dark colored jeans, black shoes, a black shirt (can have the design in the picture, or an MCR logo, or invader zim or anything else she likes!!!), and two earings in each ear. if digitigrade she doesn't wear ANY pants or shoes, and if she is cat-shaped then she only wears her collar and earrings. in any form she can wear a ton of different bracelets and accesories

About:Max has a tendency to be a very gloomy and timid person. she doesn't always mean to be, but has withdrawn into her shell and someday dreams of being totally free of it, being very fearful of life and what it has in store. she generally has a "live and let live" attitude about others, unless someone's being ACTUALLY morally wrong. she either overly distrusts people who want to be friends and pushes them away or trusts them too much immediately, leading to only BAD THINGS. Max has a short temper when annoyed or pestered, but is generally good at keeping her feelings (not just negative ones) to herself. there's a whole world inside his brain he prefers to keep to himself until he meets someone who he trusts enough to share it with, warts and all.

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