Name: Mik

Rank: N/A

Age: exact age is unknown, but is an adult in Irken terms

Pronouns: She/her

Height: same height as Zim

Likes: Tak, Urth insects, gummy candies, dressing up, wearing wigs

Dislikes: The Tallest, responsibility

Description: A short blue-eyed Irken Invader with light green skin. She wears a uniform like Zim's but it's blue and the space between stripes alternate between a lighter blue and a darker blue. The black stripes have a stitched on look. She wears boots like Tak's but they don't have buckles. Her other outfit is a black MCR shirt, a black wig with bangs that cover one eye, fingerless striped arm-warmers, and earrings (antennae-rings???). She has a human disguise that looks like her second outfit but it's like Tak's, not Zim's, and has light slightly green tinted skin.

About: Mik isn't really an Invader, and she knows that, so she doesn't bother trying to act like one. The Tallest sent her to Urth in hopes of her killing Zim or possibly even the other way around. She doesn't really care about her "mission" and prefers to run around Urth (or Irk) shoplifting snacks (and looking at insects, if on Earth). Sometimes she likes to mess with Zim, just because his reactions are funny. she's mischievous and WILL cause problems on purpose because she finds it entertaining.

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