intentions of an internet nobody

who i am matters little to you, and if you've looked around my site you only even get a surface level idea of who that might be. there's nothing i can truly do to convey who I am everyone who views these hand-crafted pages will form a different image of me in their mind one person might come to the conclusion that im a weirdo with too much free time but ultimately none of their concern or someone else might determine i need to kill myself because my interests don't exactly line up with theirs or my art is "cringe-worthy" (though the former is true) some people think my stuff is interesting or cool, even, if the comments on my homepage are anything to go by. i hope whatever you glean from my HTML vomit gives you some sort of enjoyment, whether it's laughing at my expense or taking unironic, unpoisoned enjoyment out of something you find here. i am up for interpretation. life is always more and less complicated than it seems we are not as diffferent as images in a row might imply we are