anger [originally written on 9/16/2020]

" I DON’T. CARE. " Dib shouted, interrupting whatever drivel his father was about to say. Professor Membrane's face remains emotionless to his sudden outburst, allowing him to continue.

" You've never once respected me or what I think. This- this isn't even about my stupid fixation on the paranormal. Or aliens. Or whatever. " He stared up at him with such anger in his eyes he could've burned holes in his glasses.

" It's the complete lack of recognition you have for me as a HUMAN BEING. You only see me as your successor to your stupid company. And I know about that whole clone thing. Zim told me all about it. He found it while digging in your lab for something to use against me. THANKS FOR TELLING ME! " He yelled the last sentence with sarcasm. Membrane furrows a brow in disapproval, clearly offput by his 'sons' raise in tone. " Son- "

" I'm just a fuck-up failed science experiment aren't I? I was supposed to be a carbon copy of you, WASN'T I? Was killing off an already-born child a bit too much for you, professor? " Dib boldly stepped closer as he continued to rant. His voice was audibly starting to break with each next word. Rage was evident on his face. " Apparently unethical experimentation on your own children wasn't too far. " He spat. He knew he still had the scars to prove it.

" You- You don't treat Gaz this way. I'm not stupid. I can tell you play favorites with her. Why is that? Didn't make her for the sole purpose of taking your place when you finally die? " He grabbed at his own hair frantically, tilting his head down. " If that's true then why did you practically ABANDON US? You weren't- still aren't- ever here. You just left us. It's been sixteen years and I can't even remember a single time- just once- you've been there for us. Not even for her. " Dib takes a deep breath. He's starting to hyperventilate. " I don't care about you or your company or your- "

" DIBROMIDE MEMBRANE. " The Professor bellowed. A gloved hand darted out to grab Dib's hair, yanking on it hard enough to force him to look Membrane in the face. Dib's words die in his throat. Tears well in his eyes almost immediately. " I should punish you far worse for the blatant disrespect you've displayed, son." Membrane releases his grip and watches his little project stumble back in fear. His face continued to display no visible emotions. " I know you're stronger than that. " He spoke as he turned his back. He didn't need to watch to hear Dib scramble up the stairs and slam his room door behind him.

Dib stumbled across his mess of a room and collapsed into his computer chair. A shaky sob wracked his body, leaning his upper half on his desk as he broke down into full on crying. " Stupid- stupid- stupid- " He whined to himself. Why did he have to get so bold? It's like he can't control himself. He can't ever change Membrane's mind, so all that did was cause himself harm. His fingers tighten in the fabric of his coat. It's a moment before he obtains his composure enough to lift his head back up. A picture on his wall catches his eye. Tearing it down, he inspects it further. It's a photo of Membrane, him and Gaz; though through bleary eyes he can't make out the details. It doesn't matter. Grabbing a random marker off his desk, he took the cap off with his teeth and stabbed the end into picture-membranes face, leaving red staining in its wake.

" And I'm NOT crazy. "