in a perfect world, i would not have to sell my art like this and my site would stay completely-entirely-ad-free, however as it stands the world runs on money and i like to eat, and have stuff. rest assured this is the extent my page will ever sell anything, and my art isn't truly exclusive either, i do trades and other such things in my spare time.

I will draw:

  • Furries/Anthro characters
  • Feral characters
  • Invader Zim (OC or canon)
  • Deltarune (OC or canon)
  • OC x canon
  • basically anything if im honest
  • I will NOT draw:

  • ANYTHING involving irken x child ships, like ZADR, TAGR, or ZAGR.
  • characters (canon or not) from certain media, i'm not going to list every example (such as Steven Universe, or Hazbin Hotel) but i'll let you know if you ask.
  • extra notes:

    HAVE A VISUAL REFERENCE! even a little mspaint doodle helps!
    I CANNOT DO REFUNDS. PLEASE make sure you are financially stable before commissioning me
    i have the right to refuse anyone for any reason- be it that i don't feel comfortable with the subject matter, or i feel that it's out of my skill/ability. do not get upset if i say "no"
    I will not draw for anyone who says "it's just fiction" to justify pedophilia, zoophilia, ect. i refuse to call you "proshippers" because that makes you sound more innocent than you are.

    at the moment, i can only take payments through PayPal

    All examples of my art can be seen on my

    art page!



    WITH: $25
    +$10 per extra character
    these generally do not come with a background, instead a flat color (or a simple pattern, instead). specify what pose or expression


    $15-20 (with or without shading)
    super simple, good for icons! can be transparent or have a flat/patterened background.


    $5 base price, but can fluctuate based on how many sketches you want on single page (up to $10)
    these will be fast, simple, and loose!
    +5 dollars for simple, messy color


    these are a bit looser in price, but start at $25 and can go up to $100, depending on style and complexity. The ms-paint styled simple scenes would be around $40-45, while the fully painted image would be closer to $80-100.


    INTERESTED? you may contact me at
    Discord: Dib#6003
    Tumblr: sadlittledib