wipe your thousands of unpercievable limbs on the floormat and leave your diseases at the door!

y don't u rest here a while? i don't bite! dont mind da blud over there!

okey, okey. HAI!!!! i'm Dib!
sorreh about the html its best viewed at 1920x1080 wich um...YA!!! SORREH!! if stuff is cut off, try zooming out!!!

autoplay is ON but it only works sometiems

this is basically a invader zim fansite i post invader zim art....invader zim writing... i BREATHE zim. i GUESS i post furry shtuff too.
you should really click dose links over to the side!!
anyway the whole place is under construction!
last updated [1/3/2021]

i'm aware of how bad the art page loads cuz of all the images on it, but im waiting until i do the layout overhaul to make seperate pages


may be overhauling this site with a new layout in the next couple of months so it looks cleaner.
dont worry though, it's going to be a while before then


happy near year 2021!!!! on to another year of fuckery (and ZIM)


3 days untill new years.. dis year wuz shit >_> ill write my full thoughts in my diary


updated the reference art on Spak's page.. i need to rewrite her bio and story but IM WORKING ONN ITT


ive got almost 10,000 views on dis site for...some reason? okay...


apparently a large chunk of code random broke on mai art page so if anyone notices any errors... TELL ME


i got 2 new followerz on here!!! hai i guess. enjoy this website


added my fursona to my OCs page. i need 2 add tallest miyuki, ulna, and qubit also


wait fuck everything i got 6969 VIEWS dude. also i added dis cool scroll box so i can say wut i changed lol


mai computer broke...again...yay.... im on mai stepdad's laptop rn >_>


mai spak and miyuki picture was my 1,000th update!!! yaaayy!!
AND its almost been a month since i started dis site! O_O

want dis button on your site for some reason?
let me know if u use it!

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