im on too now @toxoplasicity finals have me so busy im forgetting to update here [1/20/2022]


palette! [1/4/2022]


i like this one[12/31/2021]

susie belongs to toby fox[12/31/2021]




colored it[12/10/2021]

sorry for literally never posting anything anymore i am so depressed [12/9/2021]

first post from my new computer!!! [12/1/2021]

i have the worst artblock of the year by far [11/22/2021]

i fell into a MASSIVE deppressive hole.. i barely get out of bed these days. here's some experimental garbage [11/10/2021]

drew this like 3 days ago i just forgot to post it also NEW MONTH!!! ITS ALMOST THE END OF 2021!!! I AM DYING!!!!!!!!!! [11/7/2021]

swatch from drawpile again thats the only place ive been drawing these days [10/28/2021]

drawpile shit [10/27/2021]

my art effort has been decreasing, its as if my hand has forgotten how to draw...[10/26/2021]

zombie Miyuki!! just saying, there probably wont be a halloween picture this year... it took me three hours just to draw this, it's THAT bad [10/20/2021]

this is how Spak's trial goes (based on a edited cntrlaltdelete panel LOL) [10/18/2021]

NEW SHORT VIDEO YAY! its not perfect but i kinda like it (FLASHING COLOR WARNING) [10/12/2021]

ignore that the wires look like shit . also ignore all the mistakes i missed ill get to it [10/11/2021]

hi im sick today LOL anyway you could say i caught spamton fever. not literally i just cannot stop drawing him im finishing the sketch of him thats here [10/10/2021]


another wip i want to finish [10/7/2021]


somehow ive already gotten out of practice with art [10/4/2021]

oops i lost motivation again, school does that to you, im ALWAYS behind in lessons LOL.... heres a phone drawing[10/2/2021]

so this took fucking forever isnt it?! there's probably so many mistakes i missed, but if i leave my commissioner any longer it'll be another 10 years before it's finished. thank you to platyrat on tumblr for giving me money!!!!! dave thanks you [9/27/2021]

inside of me lives a happy rainbow cat[9/19/2021]

Irken Mimi! She's an Elite like Tak. she doesn't speak verbally, but telepathically communicates with those she trusts, like Tak. i havent done traditional art in a long time so this is pretty messy[9/18/2021]

so as i said on my updates page, my TABLET broke TOO so i can't do any proper art AT ALL!!!!! i can draw on my phone, like i did here, but it takes way longer. it'll be a couple weeks before i can get a new cord for my tablet too, if that is whats wrong with it [9/11/2021]

placeholder POST! YAY! here's the sketch for 1/2 commissions i'm working on [9/8/2021]

I never like these so whats the point of saying it [9/7/2021]

school starts 2morrow im gonna DIEEEEE o well the nightmare is almost ovar [9/6/2021]

i don't know why this took so long, but i just lvoe Tak [9/2/2021]

new animation meme i did i did Spak last time so this time it's my fursona HOLY SHIT THE YEAR IS ALMOST OVER IM GOING TO DIE [9/1/2021]

more doodles... im SO burnt out!!!! i need to make a new refernce for Max. also school starts on the 7th so. funnnn. [8/31/2021]

sketches to show im still improving, ill upload the finished versions later (i kept these up since i like them as-is)[8/30/2021]

commission for sparklewolf420 on tumblr. thank you Jazz! [8/29/2021]

my OCs as LPS... so.. um.. yeah as i said my computer broke AGAIN. but for REAL THIS TIME!!!!! so updates are gonna be slow bc im using my stepdad's computer now.. AND SCHOOL STARTS SOON!!! AUUGHHH. im supposed to be getting a new one by christmas but that's a long time for no computer....[8/28/2021]

sorry i was gone for a couple days, here's some doodles from my phone i did then :) YES i like The Owl House i'm AWARE it's stupid that i exclusively like cartoons and it's SO the opposite of Invader Zim but don't worry it's not my main interest cuz ZIM4LIFE [8/25/2021]

filler content to say im alive, just out of ideas, i didnt measure out the proportions at all [8/20/2021]

updated :D it's not super polished but its for ME and ME ONLY [8/17/2021]

NO BIG IMAGE THIS YEAR but my first recorded aging on my site?!?! WOAH! IM SEVEnTEEEN. [8/15/2021]

i forgot to draw im so sorry but atleast im turning 17 in 3 days!?!?!?!?!!?HELP! here's a phone drawing of Val [8/12/2021]

took me three days [8/3/2021]

first image: my IZ oc, Sphex second image: a collab i did with my friend Damien, he did the sketch for the image and i lined, colored and shaded it [7/31/2021]

no comment [7/29/2021]

i got really burnt out on artfight.. here's an attempt to draw on my new phone, which has a stylus!!! [7/28/2021]


character belongs to sparkleanimal on tumblr [7/20/2021]

1 layer sketch art [7/18/2021]

character belongs to lynxbones and toadpaws on artfight [7/15/2021]

character belongs to wizard on artfight... i forgot to draw sorry [7/14/2021]

no artfight today, here's Mik and Zim [7/9/2021]

character belongs to kainaa on artfight [7/8/2021]

character belongs to 80-htv on tumblr [7/7/2021]

character belongs to despairtempest on artfight [7/7/2021]

character belongs to my friend damien [7/6/2021]

character belongs to beadlizard on tumblr [7/4/2021]

characters belongs to ihascrowbar and nebularpoptarts on tumblr respectively [7/2/2021]

ARTFIGHT BEGINS! personal art is kind on hold until i tire of artfight... rat character (rowan) belongs to sqweegee on tumblr! also TIME IS PASSING AND I CANNOT STOP IT. HELP ME [7/1/2021]

new Flick ref for artfight [6/30/2021]

dib sketch and a new Mik reference... im not happy with it, but it WAS rushed for artfight.. i tried making three different refs before this one [6/26/2021]

what if Tak's coil got damaged? if its really attached to her brain (for the powers) it would be very risky to get into a fight... (this took THREE DAYS.) [6/23/2021]

havent been able to draw every day. how is this month almost already over?[6/20/2021]

working on something bigger soon[6/17/2021]


for an anon on tumblr [6/13/2021]

ART IS HARD [6/12/2021]

somewhere in the vast.. vast-ness of space, there was nothing... nothing at all... and suddenly out of the nothingness, there was SOMETHING! Undefined is nothing and something both at the same time and exists because of NOTHING! she has no reason to exist and thats why she exists [6/10/2021]


I REDID SPAK CARAMELLDANSEN FINALLYYY!! the old is BAD nao... [6/8/2021]


my drawing hand started hurting again at random.. i got a new spak ref though!!! [6/6/2021]




arttrade with @betelg3us3 on tumblr!!! i wont be drawing as much until skool is out, which is VERY SOON... VERY VERY SOON... *stress* [5/28/2021]

low on ideas [5/26/2021]

my half of an art trade with digitalfurry on tumblr! [5/25/2021]

i hurt my hand... i didnt MEAN TO!!! but it makes it hard to draw cuz it was my RIGHT HAND [5/23/2021]

Dib-cat (i didnt post yesterday because i was working on animation) [5/20/2021]

i'm forcing myself 2 take a small break frum digital art so dont expect much [5/18/2021]

i drew for hours and this is all ih ave to show for it, nothing i drew turned out ANY good... maybe i shouldnt expect myself to draw good every day? art block SUX. [5/17/2021]

smash my skull open why don't you sorry for lack of updates i have been busy semester is ending soon so school [5/16/2021]

i forgot to upload these yesterday [5/14/2021]

Tak sees an ant i wanted to draw a trail of ants going to her ship but i got tired five hours in... SO JUST IMAGINE IT! [5/13/2021]


i don't want to draw [5/11/2021]

ME [5/10/2021]

this is messy. i named the red one Val!! I THINK drawing those pics with backgrounds made me tired... [5/9/2021]

do you want a sip she is offering you some!!!! (stuff irl happened and drawing is hard agian sorreh) [5/8/2021]

my mom bought me a mcr hoodie and a new mcr shirt i wanna put pics up soon [5/6/2021]

tried using firealpaca again... i think i'm gonna stick to MSPANT, this was too hard [5/3/2021]

he got kicked out [5/2/2021]

first post of the month! time is passing and i cant fucking stop it![5/1/2021]

i'm out of ideas some1 HALP [4/30/2021]


not feeling it [4/28/2021]

im bad at drawing water >_< i drew this for tumblr, i dont really like it [4/27/2021]

i got yelled at so i didnt want to draw properly [4/26/2021]


i'm avoiding doing real art rn [4/25/2021]

i'm out of ideas again [4/25/2021]

some stuff from today.. i started feeling bad about my art AGAIN get me OUT OF HERE [4/23/2021]

"nap time". I don't know how i feel about this one [4/22/2021]


Irken space debris, these three live together on a stolen Irken ship and live their lives floating around the universe aimlessly and causing problems for anyone who dares come close. I don't have names for any of them yet D:: but I do know they are "friends" in the way where they all want to strangle eachother to death (real bios coming SOON!) [4/21/2021]

I don't really like how these look... I'm thinking about going back and taking down some of my old art that i've posted. [4/20/2021]

scrolling through my tumblr a couple days ago i found old art of my smeet zim AU. basically Dib finds a smeet Zim and has to take care of him... absurdity ensues!!! so i decided to go back and revisit it (sorry for nothing yesterday, i got sick) [4/18/2021]

actually drew this a couple days go [4/17/2021]

Mik in her human disguise seeing a wasp... she likes wasps and doesn't get why people hate them so much (i was going to do a background but it was too much effort -_-) [4/16/2021]


Max! [4/13/2021]

gir and that VORTIAN again!!!!!! [4/12/2021]

Tak and a random vortian... i need a name for her!!!! [4/11/2021]

self portrait [4/9/2021]

Feel bad [4/8/2021]

its starting to warm up outside, ive been drawing less [4/8/2021]


i've been wanting to draw again, but nothing looks quite how i want it to and it makes me mad and it's just not fun to draw anymore. i don't want to be remembered by shitty artwork i guess


i've been tired, but heres Tak running REAL FAST!!!





redraw of something i drew a couple months ago this post is really hard!!! ive struggled with it both times [3/31/2021]

a sad Mik and an unnamed Irken.. she's a different strain than the Irkens we see more often [3/31/2021]

i ran out of time while drawing this its clearly rushed but YAY 20 YEARS [3/30/2021]

i dunnoo... im having a hard time drawing again... [3/28/2021]

my design for Tallest Miyuki. i recently found out her being blue-themed goes back to 2002. so like, yeah...[3/28/2021]

Dib Bee[3/27/2021]







YES im normal. come closer ( three versions because im indecisive)[3/21/2021]


i love and hate the brushed i used here[3/20/2021]

Yix belongs to geneticoyote [3/19/2021]


i was going to say i wasn't happy with this, but have i been happy with any of my art, ever? [3/12/2021]



sorry about the lack of updates... [3/8/2021]

havent animated in a while, but saw a meme wuz going around of one of my fav songs [3/4/2021]

new "ref" sheet for my fursona. usually id make them a bit more in-depth but her pattern is pretty simple [3/3/2021]

my new OC, Niv. ill write a bio for her soon [2/28/2021]


new mik reference!!!! [2/25/2021]

images aren't connected, but here's more post-jailbreak stuff for tak and tenn [2/24/2021]

apologiez for the lack of updates, it's been too cold to use my room and by extension, my PC [2/22/2021]

SHTUFF [2/18/2021]

animation test [2/17/2021]

stuff [2/16/2021]

not real happy w this [2/16/2021]

i originally had something stupid angsty here BUT I FIXED IT!!! [2/14/2021]

valentines day approaches... doesnt mean anything 2 me but i get to draw pink stuff ( this is vaguely based on a pic i did a year ago DAT I CANNOT FIND ) [2/12/2021]

randomz [2/11/2021]

some random tak and tenn scratches + a new meet the artist [2/10/2021]

MIMI HOODIE!!! i dont really liek this image and ill draw mimi hoodie tak later properly...i swear ill do art that has a story soon... [2/10/2021]

testing this style again. this is sorta how i want my IZ comic 2 look [2/8/2021]

it all starts in Space Prison... [2/8/2021]

im plotting a new comic, and also testing the artstyle for it [2/7/2021]

SPAK [2/6/2021]

iz stuff soon [2/6/2021]

the word of the day is: escapism [2/5/2021]

havent been proud of my art of late... [2/3/2021]

BACK ON MY SHIT [1/31/2021]

blaugh [1/29/2021]

I GOT MY TABLET FINALLYYY!!! its super good sooo far ill write a review in a little while or so after ive gotten used 2 it.. heres some stuff [1/28/2021]

stuff [1/27/2021]

Mik! She lieks 2 run around in just a wig without contacts ( or hiding her antennae, for that matter. nobody cares ) [1/25/2021]


exams are killing me. i was writing a fanfic about Tak and Tenn ( sorry for taking down the page, it just had some real shitty stuff on it ) but who knows if ill ever finish it [1/23/2021]

silly zim does a dance. i think i drew him a bit cute here (but don't tell anyone i said that!!! >_>)[1/22/2021]

mimis [1/20/2021]

cant draw with this tablet [1/20/2021]

i REFUSE to stop making videos. i drew dis with ms paint and a mouse [1/18/2021]

this isn't a new image ( see the 2020 watermark? yeah) but i wanted it back online again. sorry about the gore [1/16/2021]

he's... STANDING there [1/14/2021]

my phone camera isnt gr8 but i dont haev access 2 a scanner sooo [1/13/2021]

more of this guy. they never take the mask off.

a fresh new page to ruin ( and hopefully i won't overload it with images this time! not looking forward to the mess of code i'm about to make this page into, however. ) i havent done traditional art seriously in a while and i'll be doing it until my new tablet gets here