colors were helped out by my friend, Ches [1/4/2021]



heres to survivng another fucking year. it'll be 2021 in an hour (edit: i totally meant 2021 and not 2020) [12/31/2020]



my fucking tablet pen rolled into a gap in the wall thats PERFECTLY shaped for a pen and nothing else and i think its under my floor and i cant get it out
so im using my old half-broken tablet that doesnt have a screen. i drew TaMr to calm down. here



some taks. i got really burnt out on art [12/27/2020]

this is literally SO fucking big i recomment zooming on on spak shes detailed (DONT look at the background xP). [12/23/2020]

this is much older by now but it fits my mood right about now. [12/22/2020]

WARNING: DIS IS REALLY REALLY FLASHY... BE CAREFUL. anyway. animation memes [12/22/2020]

my head hurts so fucking bad [12/20/2020]

stuff i drew recently [12/19/2020]




apologies for being gone so much... life is stressful [12/15/2020]



this hurt my eyes so bad i started crying. anyway i was listening to IDKHOW's new album [12/9/2020]

common things never bother me cuz im the local joke [12/7/2020]

2 images i didnt really know how to group 2gether. one of my fursonas (flick!!). i have a fursuit of her but i broke the jaw... [12/7/2020]

some stuff i drew today. apparently i was in a human disguise zim kinda mood NO idea what that it but... u kno! later im gonna dump some stuff i dont' really know where else to put [12/6/2020]

i hav no ideas...but i luv Tak so i cant stop [12/4/2020]


i drew dis right befoer i passed out for like 15 hours. so like. take that as you will [12/1/2020]

second one's from a week ago and the first one is from today. im thinkin about makin her mai website mascot. cuz she's a LAB rat. GET IT???? GET ITTTTTT?????? [11/27/2020]

neonchu on tumblr suggested dis!!! ZIM meeting Mik! they would probaby be friends in the way they dont really care about eachother unless zim thinks mik is going to steal his mission for some reason [11/22/2020]

i drew dis at 4am ( from yesterday )[11/22/2020]

dis is pretty messy but i keep making videos anyway XD .... Spak doesn't like being tallset but she pretends anywai . i keep forgetting to upload my art let me post overdue stuff [11/22/2020]

spak when she wuz younger. she was an elite before she was Tallest though she was still pretty young [11/18/2020]

owche [11/18/2020]

dis is sooo bad...anyway...silv :] [11/16/2020]

I TALK 2 GHOSTS [11/15/2020]

SILVER [11/15/2020]

its sooo cold as i draw dis AUGH [11/13/2020]

mai new oc, Ulna [11/12/2020]

sorry [11/10/2020]

im drawin with a mouse :3 [11/9/2020]


self portrait [11/8/2020]

whats dis? idk... i made a speedpaint of dis tho! watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcShtKrFxSM&t=463s [11/8/2020]

another animation thingie i didd!! im not too proud of how the animation flows but i had fun making it :3 [11/6/2020]

da mik is for my tumblr icon!!!! ...i havent been doing alot of good art lately..oops [11/5/2020]

idk wut 2 say here... max and mik [11/4/2020]

i deleted dis on accident somehow...and forgot wut i wrote here... oopz [11/4/2020]

RESISTY ROCKZ!!! [11/2/2020]

first post of da month!!! i dont have much but heres a little animation for somethin im working on.. he's supposed 2 be saying words of a song. IDK if ill ever finish it + zim with an organ...? IDK i just luv him [11/1/2020]

okei i havent posted this 2 tumblr yet but its 4:13am for rn so..HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! im not gonna b doin 2 much 2dai bc of da pandemic...ykno... but heres these guys XP dib prolly broke in2 a abandoned house and dragged zim with him for some reason.. idk.. but it's sposed to be haunted.. IDK im if proud of dis but its here ! [10/31/2020]

mai fursona!! da eyes look a bit weird on dis one.. i tried something new... [10/29/2020]

one of our cats got out recently, Dave, and got hit by a car. i think only his face got damaged but the vets wouldnt treat him for so long i don't know if he is going to make it. so yeah i kinda feel awful. here's Mik and Tak ( i renamed Maxx ) [10/25/2020]

spak and miyuki have SMEET!!! [10/23/2020]

ANOTHER ANIMATION MEME THINGIE!!! dis is rlly out of character 4 tak but idrc. i gotta make a halloween picture and SOON but im out of ideas..plz help.. [10/21/2020]

3m0 d1b 4nd t4k :D 1 luv dr4w1ng 3m0 d1b [10/15/2020]

sorree...i have tak on da brain [10/13/2020]

hehe [10/12/2020]

takkyyy!!! :3 [10/11/2020]

da IDIOTZ!!!! i neeed need need to draw more of dem. digital+original verzz [10/10/2020] [originally drawn 10/9/2020]

bah. constantly moving which house im in makes it REALLY hard to draw ANYTHING. [10/5/2020]


dib and gaz for a halloween outfit meme mai friend made!!!! [10/4/2020]

I MADE DIS YESTERDAY!!! its not 2 animated but i still had fun making itt [10/3/2020]


OKEI....so... this is Spak and da fucked up tallest that um..i donno where he came from but still. one of his guards shot Spak with a lazer gun and it burned a hole in da side of her face. he lieks to taunt her and >:((( I HATE HIMMM he wants 2 kill herr cuz she gives the armada a bad name or whutever. [10/2/2020]


if you know that im lonely [10/2/2020]


yaaa [9/29/2020]

more stuff with spak!!! here she is with that vortian guy i posted about earlier!! he teams up wif her at sum point but he doesn't like it. cuz spak is building a crew for her stolen irken ship and he needed a job. also dis is after he learns vortians other than him still exist [9/29/2020]

younger spak and miyuki!!! they r liek da irken equivelent of a teenager here...i think dat irkens probably live in communal spaces when they r younger 9/28/2020]

yaayyy more art... i guess. ive been sooo tired. [9/27/2020]


SHTUFF lol i also made a video but this site wont let me imbed it plsss watch it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP1EJUXfpG0&feature=emb_title [9/26/2020]

a lost vortian who’s convinced he’s the last of his kind
he was travelling the darkest corners of the known universe where Vortians arent even heard of when he started hearing rumors of Irk invading Vort. of course by the time news reaches there it’s sure to have already happened. and rumors get blown way out of proportion, and he thinks everyone on his home planet was destroyed. that’s not the case but its hard to fact check when you don’t even know where you are in relation to Vort ( and regardless that would be devastating ) (copied from my tumblr post) [9/25/2020]

my art style [9/22/2020]

zim in my clothez!!!!! sorry about da flashing lightz [9/21/2020]

im running out of ideas. its been harder to draw since it got colder and OUR HEATING SYSTEM IS BROKEN[9/20/2020]

another vampire bee dib + my fursona ( right click and select 'view image' for full view) [9/18/2020]

some dibs. ive been really tired out of late [9/17/2020]

i dont know how to explain or justify this. it was based on a dream where absolutely nothing suspicious happens? yeah thats not helping[9/17/2020]

this is my irkensona!!! she luvz tak sooo much. if you draw her plzzz send it to mee!! [9/16/2020]

consider the scalpel. so perfectly sharp. you don't even recognize the stinging until minutes later. [9/15/2020]

i fucking...hate this image so much. im so mad. [9/15/2020]

vampire bee dib....[9/14/2020]

dib has alot to live up to. [9/14/2020]

dib:*flies a little bit too fast* zim: oh i simply CANNOT stand this. MOAR vampire bee dib!!!!! [9/13/2020]

i feel like pplz never talk about vampire bee dib enough!!! for realz... this is kinda the plot for my first 'real' fanfic. its where dib turnz into a vampire bee of course!!!!!!! [9/13/2020]

writing makes me tired...here's more TaMr :3. i luvvv tak soo much!! [9/12/2020]

this...is a tribute to my EPIC friendz from the CVS! these are alternate universe versions of Dib, Zim and Tak. from left to right: Dibby, Zimmy, Tallest Dib, Zim, and then... tak one and two. i don't think they ever got proper names!! the one closer to the left is from a alternate universe where she's more like Zim. In the back, the shadow, izz... Meb!! Tallest Dib's evil "dad" [only not really bc dib is a clone.. and Meb tried to kill Dib several times...] someday ill draw him properly! i hate him sosososo much but he's a interesting character. aneeway!!! this is dedicated to me and my friend's RP!! i luv u Thomas, Tak [ not the irken!], Tony, Evee and Zeb!! i cant believe its already been a year. this drawing is kinda super messy ( especiall Meb... he was last minute.) but i think it turned out good still! [9/11/2020] [even though the anniversary was technically yesterday. oops]

are you satisfied....with an average life? song is are you satisfied by marina and the diamonds. + bonus Invader Maxx. [9/10/2020]

i wonder if zim ever feels homesick. [9/8/2020]

school started today [9/8/2020]

alot happened today, with someone i used to call a "friend". i dont really wanna talk about it. heres Zim trying ( key word: trying ) to comfort a really sad Dib. THIS ISNT ZADR. [9/7/2020]

more tak and mimi!!! i think about how much tak has been through alot...i wanna write smth about that sometime though it would be kinda um sad. also MiMi being a baby kitty :D [9/6/2020]

this is my irkensona...i call her.. Maxx. original name, i know. She lives on earth and does whatever she wants!! she likes to wear wigs cuz she thinks hair is kewl. also she loves Tak veryy very much ^_^ [9/6/2020]

ALSO not new art....this is kinda old actually. its from march 1st of this year. i like to call it the "momyuki" au cuz...well.. u know! its where Tallest Miyuki is Dib's adoptive mom. THIS DOESNT MEAN SHE'S WITH PROFESSOR MEMBRANE i don't ship them ew. [9/4/2020]

this is my first time scanning traditional art in a long time... i think it was a little too dirty. line is from Zero Percent by MCR (obviously)!! MORE TaTr... [9/4/2020]

im sorry i just like them sososososo much XP. finally!! art from 2day!! [9/3/2020]

not new art by any means but a NESSARY introduction!! this is Tallest Spak and she's in love with Tallest Miyuki. more to come on my OC's page!!!! [9/3/2020]

i have been thinking about gaz alot SHES COOL [9/3/2020]

i dont know when this one is from exactly. i sure draw dib alot. also this image is gigantic and i dont know how to make it smaller [9/3/2020]

TaTr is thge best... i drew this a couple days ago and i dont rlly like how it looks but ehhhhh [9/3/2020]

well i thought i might as well start uploading my art! heres a dib i drew yesterday. ill eventually get to uploading tons of my old stuff here but theres...so much of it. damn. anyway, first post! yaay! [9/2/2020]

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