HAPPY NEW YEARS! putting this up so i don't forget or change my mind! it's been a rough year for my art and me in general, you can see my style go all over the place. i think ive grealy improved but my tendency to not draw for months or weeks at a time really hindered my progress. so, i plan to draw more, but be less of a perfectionist, so i actually put my art online. because most of my problem was a picture would never feel 'finished', so i would never post it. so im going to post more 'unfinished' art, because ill think it is even if its good! i will feel that way if all the lines arent perfectly sharp, or just make up new problems. so, in the new year, i will be kinder to myself, more colorful, experimental, and maybe start all those projects i want to even if i never finish them. optimistic? of course, but you can't get anywhere if you don't have any at all. ON TO THE 2023 PAGES!

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